Thursday, September 10, 2009

Say What?

I haven't blogged in forever, and I really do have so much to write about. This summer has been busy and full of adventure. However, I will save those tales for another time. Today I must blog about Joshua's hair and the silly comments that it encourages.

We are used to the "Oh my gosh, it is so curly!"...but it is what often comes after that that causes me to pause. "Is that natural?" Okay...he is 4 years old. Who perms their 4 year old's hair? If there are people out there doing that, they need to stop!! And then, when I respond that yes, it is natural, they ask "Even the colour?" Again...who is bleaching their 4 year old boy's hair?????

I used to think that only older ladies asked me this, but it has come out of the mouths of old and young.

Yesterday I was at the school for Josh's pre-school orientation when Gracie's teacher approached and "oooed" and "awwed" over his hair. Then...came a question I hadn't heard before.

"Is it real?"

I must stop here.