Thursday, August 28, 2008

All You Need Is Love

I really have nothing to say in today's blog, except that I LOVE my family. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and four incredible children. I am often overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with this family, but I am also blessed to feel GRATEFUL on a daily basis for what I have been given. My children are smart, funny, caring, and forgiving of my many flaws. My husband is SOOO funny, loving, an incredible father, non-judgmental and a wonderful friend. My boss commented to me recently that I always seem happy. That isn't an entirely correct representation of my life, but I have to say that I am happy. I have been unhappy before. I know how it feels to go for long periods of time without laughing. But, as I go through my busy life, I remember that time of sadness, and it makes all of my problems seem a little smaller. So yes, I AM HAPPY! Shoot me!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This little boy of mine has a temper! I don't know where he would have inherited that from, but he has a tendency to get very angry whenever I have the nerve to say "No". I try not to say it very often, but sometimes there are safety issues involved, and I just must utter the two-letter word that he loathes. When I do, he scans his memory for the three words/phrases that he has been forbidden to use in our home..."Shut-up", "Stupid", and "Oh my hell". (the latter may be thanks to me...I'm not quite sure). He then proceeds to say all three "profanities" quickly and repeatedly. I'm pretty close to getting him checked for Tourettes Syndrome. In the meantime, he is just spending ALOT of time in his room!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Recap

Where has the summer gone? I cannot believe that we are sending the kids back to school in less than 2 weeks. I have to admit that I really like the structure of the school year. I am not a summer person, and so I look forward to fall with great anticipation. It also doesn't help that I work during the summer. It makes the time fly by and I hate that my kids are home alone without me. We had Bee Hive camp for Katie. Scott went to Utah, Oklahoma, and Virginia with his dad and Inger, and I had "Moroni's Quest" with the Young Women. So, it was busy, busy, busy!! I think summer would be much more fun if I was a stay-at-home-mom with an unlimited budget. Yep! Then I would LOVE summer. But, as it is, we have tried to do some fun things with the kids. We went to "Willy's Cabin" in the community pasture with the Broadhead side of the family for about 5 days. It is beautiful there and the kids look forward to it every year. I'm including some pictures that we took while we were there.