Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day

I am taking a quick break before tackling another messy portion of my house. I worked full-time last week, and needless to say, the maid did not make it! I have started helping out at the school in the office while the regular secretary is on sick leave. I wasn't sure if I should do it when I was first asked, for many reasons, but mostly because Josh loves having me around on my days off. But, it was an opportunity to get my foot in the door and one that I couldn't pass up. So, I now work 3 days at the Village office and 2 days at the school. I must say that I was exhausted by last night. With Jason not being home in the evenings, it doesn't seem like my day slows down at all once I get home. I suppose I will find a groove and figure out how to keep my house in better shape then it ended up in this week. I am hoping that Social Services doesn't drop by for a home visit anytime today!

Jason took the kids into Lethbridge to buy and sharpen skates for school next week. I really should get back to cleaning, but I wanted to share what Josh told me this week. Apparently, he has been thinking of starting a band! He has picked out some friends to be in said band, and has decided on what instruments they will all play. He told me that he was "thinkin'" about a name, and finally came up with one. He has decided on "What-To-Do" as his band name. Yesterday he told me that he was also thinking that "Watcha Doin' " would be a good name too! I love that boy.