Monday, December 21, 2009

On the Ninth Day of Christmas...

I am a list maker. I love lists. I love to write them in my best handwriting on cute paper that I like to buy in abundance. I probably use more time writing my lists than I do accomplishing the items on my lists, but that is beside the point. It helps me clear my mind and focus. Jason makes fun of my lists, and he especially likes to mock the titles that I choose. No good list goes without a good title, underlined twice. I think that he could use a good list now and again.

The following is my "Things to get done before Christmas" list.

1. Deliver our neighbor "homemade hot cocoa" gifts.
2. Deliver cheese balls and crackers to co-workers
3. Take the family to the live Nativity in Lethbridge
4. Plan Christmas 'Eve food, Christmas morning, and Christmas Day dinner (may require another list)
5. Address and send Christmas Cards so that they arrive in 2009
6. Finish buying and wrapping presents
7. Listen to Christmas music at every possible moment
8. Do laundry!!!
9. Clean the house, and then clean it again, and again, and again
10.Take the children sledding
11. Bake Gingerbread men and decorate with the children
12. Try to get up on the roof to plug in the extension cord to the Christmas lights that fell out ...or convince Jason that this isn't as dangerous as it sounds, and see if he will do it
13. Pick up the homemade chocolates we ordered
14. Drink many cans of Diet Coke while trying to stay awake
15. Pick up my "happy pills" at the pharmacy to ensure that the whole family gets to enjoy a Merry Christmas

Well, that is the first of many lists that I will be writing this week. I love this time of year. Some years I feel like doing more than others, but I have learned not to be hard on myself and to only do what I can do. I love that all of my children are together this Christmas and that Scott has arrived safely home from College. I love that he woke Katie up from her nap yesterday to teach her Chinese...and that she didn't kill him. I love that Josh insists on "Family Game Night" and then has a meltdown everytime it doesn't go his way. And I love knowing that my children love this season as much as I do.

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, November 23, 2009

November Recap

I absolutely cannot believe that it is almost December! I'm glad that we decided to decorate early this year because it seems that the Christmas Season is over before we realize it. We decorated the trees (one up and one down) two weeks ago and ended the evening watching "Elf". We all love that movie! I have been listening to Josh Groban's Christmas CD, which I love, and I picked up Hilary Weeks CD on the weekend. I noticed my co-worker giving me a sideways glance when he noticed that I was playing Christmas music at my desk today. Scrooge!

We had our Young Women in Excellence last night and I thought it was great. I really love my young women and I love seeing the good things that they are doing in their lives. I'm excited for next years theme. It's from Joshua 1:9- “Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest”. I want all of the girls to memorize this amazing scripture. I need to be reminded to be strong and of good courage!

We just got all of our family pictures back and I love, love, love them. We haven't ever had family pictures taken before, which I think is appalling. I have lots of photos of the kids together, but none with Jason and I. So, I'm glad I pushed through my fear of seeing myself in photo-form and had Shanna Bikman take our pictures. I love to sit in the chair in my living room and look at the beautiful family I have been blessed with. I am a lucky gal!
I really should be cleaning my house so that I can leave this week with a clean conscience. My friend Charlene and I are heading to Great Falls on Thursday for "Black Friday". I haven't attended this day of shopping madness before, so I am hoping that we make it through unscathed. Hopefully Charlene won't trample anyone and we won't get arrested. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Say What?

I haven't blogged in forever, and I really do have so much to write about. This summer has been busy and full of adventure. However, I will save those tales for another time. Today I must blog about Joshua's hair and the silly comments that it encourages.

We are used to the "Oh my gosh, it is so curly!"...but it is what often comes after that that causes me to pause. "Is that natural?" Okay...he is 4 years old. Who perms their 4 year old's hair? If there are people out there doing that, they need to stop!! And then, when I respond that yes, it is natural, they ask "Even the colour?" Again...who is bleaching their 4 year old boy's hair?????

I used to think that only older ladies asked me this, but it has come out of the mouths of old and young.

Yesterday I was at the school for Josh's pre-school orientation when Gracie's teacher approached and "oooed" and "awwed" over his hair. Then...came a question I hadn't heard before.

"Is it real?"

I must stop here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yuv At First Sight

My conversation with Joshua while tucking him into bed tonight:

Josh: Mommy, can you sing me a "yuyyaby"?
Me: Joshy, I would love to sing you a "yuyyaby".
Josh: Why did you say it "yike" that?
Me: I said it just like you did.
Josh: No you didn't! You said "YUYYABY", not "YUYYABY".
Me: Oh, so you want me to sing you a LULLABY?
Josh: YES!

Josh: Mommy?
Me: What Josh?
Josh: I "Yuv" You.
Me: I "Yuv" you too, Josh.

Does it get any better than this? I don't think so.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

This year I shared Mother's Day with Gracie...she celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday. We were in Helena, Montana because Jason was doing some business there, so we were able to spend the whole weekend together. (except for Scott who was in Florida for his friend Kelsey's prom) This picture is as we were leaving the hotel. It shows the top of Josh's head beautifully! It was a fantastic weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day. I am so grateful for my children and the people that they are becoming. As we drove home I thought about the mothers that I have in my life. My own mother who I miss terribly and who I love with all my heart. And, my mother in law who has blessed my family, has loved my children and filled a void in my life that I didn't think could ever be filled after my mom died. I am thankful for the women who show me how to be a better mother and who help me find joy in the journey. I am blessed!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

An "Office" Romance

I love the TV show "The Office". When I can't sleep at night, I pop in a disc and watch until my eyes won't stay open, and then I listen until I drift off to sleep. I remember the first time I stumbled across the "George Foreman Grill" episode and watched and laughed at these crazy people. I have watched it every week since. I have said that I don't know how to relate to people that don't "get" the show. I am dumbfounded by those who cannot giggle at the thought of Jan dancing to Hunter's music or Andy running for Rabies. (I just giggled at the thought of it)
Anyhow, what made me think of my love of "The Office" was a conversation I overheard between Josh (my 4 year old) and the 3 neighborhood children (aged 1, 4 and 5)

Josh: Michael tackled Jim.
4 Year old: what?
Josh: When Jim and Pam were getting married, Michael was so happy.
5 Year old: Huh?
Josh: (waving his arms and laughing) Michael ran and tackled Jim.
1 Year old: (stares blankly)

I was so amused at the lack of interest that his friends had in Josh's story. He didn't take it personally. Perhaps he understands those who don't like "The Office" better than I do!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Decisions, Decisions!

Last year when Scott was trying to decide where to go to University, he created a spread sheet to weigh his different options and to show pros and cons. He narrowed his choices down to 3 universities, and after much work and essay writing, he applied to those three. He had thought that one of them was a little out of his league, and so he really figured he would have to choose between two.
Well, he heard back from the three universities and was accepted to all of them! Now he just has to decide where he is going to go!
The two universities that he has narrowed it down to are the College of William and Mary and the University of Virginia. Both of them are exceptional and each will offer him so many life experiences. We are proud of the way that he has tackled this step in his life and pray that he can make this next tough decision.
Personally, I am leaning towards the College of William and Mary, just because it is 5 miles from an awesome amusement park! :) Actually, I am confident that he will make the choice that will be best for his future and when it comes down to it, I doubt he will be disappointed no matter what decision he makes.
We'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua Glen!

Yesterday was Josh's 4th birthday. I cannot believe that my littlest is not a baby anymore. His birthday was a very busy day for all of us, but we managed to get in opening presents, going on a little shopping trip to Lethbridge, cake and ice-cream with family, and he was able to spend time with Grandma B while I went to Young Women's. (He sobbed this morning when he realized Grandma had gone dare she?)

As I was driving to Lethbridge with him yesterday, I was watching him through the rear-view mirror and marveling that this wonderful little creature belongs to me. I often have this sensation when I look at my children. They are truly the greatest blessings and they push me to do better everyday.

I also thought about the journey we took to have Josh. 4 Miscarriages, 5 years of waiting, 280 injections of Fragmin, and 14 hours of labour. I knew that this boy would change our whole family, and he has.

So, this birthday was one of thankfulness for me. I am so thankful that I have 4 healthy children who love Jason and I and who love being a part of our family. They make me look at life differently and challenge me, and make my life whole.

At the end of the day, this picture of Josh about sums up how we all felt.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When did this happen??

I have decided to jump back on the bandwagon and try to lose some weight this year. I feel this way every spring, but I am choosing to start a little earlier, and I am feeling optimistic. I enjoy going on the treadmill and it seems like everyone in the household is wanting to eat a little better, so that is helpful. I can't tell Gracie that I'm trying to lose weight though, or she starts crying and tells me that she loves me just the way I am...whatever! What's all this "unconditional love" bologna!! Anyhow, I decided to keep a journal of my "journey" and I measured myself so that I could have my starting size. BIG mistake!! WHEN DID I BECOME SPONGE-BOB SQUARE PANTS! I used to have a small difference between my bust, waist and hip size. No longer! So scary!
So, here I go, trying to make my rectangular body into something that resembles a pear. Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


As I read the church bulletin today, I was astonished to read who was assigned to clean the church on March 7th. Wow! I bet it will be REALLY clean that week...and I didn't know what a great husband Sister Johnson had.

I hope I'm not being really did brighten up my Sacrament Meeting.