Monday, June 28, 2010

School's Out for Summer...almost

The school year is finally over for the kids, and almost over for me. I have to put in two days this week and then I am free! I cannot wait. I don't think that I've had a summer off since Grade nine. I have so many things planned to do, that I'm afraid it will be September before I know it. I want to clean and organize my house, weed the yard, paint the house, the shutters and the front door, paint three bedrooms in the house and finish all of the little jobs in the house that need finishing. I also want to go camping in Waterton with my kids and go to "Writing-on-Stone". Oh, and then there's the trip to the cabin in three weeks, Settler days and a trip to Denver for Charlotte's wedding in August. I am almost giddy thinking about the fun we are going to have in the next two months. Who knows, I must just decide not to go back to work in the fall!


Kaleigh and Kevin said...

No seriously... you have to come back in the fall, so that you can help me through my first year teaching - so don't go having too much fun this summer!

Kaleigh and Kevin said...
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